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Death Valley National Park Trails

Death Valley National Park is a national park in California and Nevada. It is the largest national park in the continental United States, as well as the hottest and driest of the national parks. The park includes all of Death Valley, a 156-mile long valley formed between the Panamint and Amargosa mountain ranges. About 91 percent of the park is designated national park Wilderness, and much of the park is remote, without marked roads or trails. This combination of weather and remote wilderness makes it a unique, if not challenging hiking destination.

The temperature in Death Valley is often so extreme that it is excluded from tabulations of nationwide high temperatures. Average temperatures in the valley reach 116 degrees Fahrenheit during July, the hottest month of the year.

Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the United States at 282 feet below sea level, is a notable point within the park. The highest point in the park, the 11,049 foot Telescope Peak, is only 15 miles away. The park is also home to Racetrack Playa, a dry lake which is entirely without vegetation and nearly completely flat. The playa is 2.8 miles from north to south, and 1.3 from east to west. The northern end of the playa is only 1.5 inches higher than the southern end.

Death Valley National Park: Surprise Canyon

Splash through canyon waterfalls to an 1870’s ghost town in Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley National Park: Death Valley Traverse

Walk through Death Valley National Park on this grueling, 14-day, 221-mile thru-hike of the largest national park in the contiguous United Sates.

Death Valley National Park: Ibex Dunes

Trek along the remote Ibex Dunes and wind through rugged washes on this 28-mile overnight near Death Valley National Park’s southern border.

Death Valley National Park: Harry Wade Road to Stovepipe Wells Campground

Trek over dunes, sand flats, and salt pans in the shadow of the Black and Panamint ranges on this 109-mile, multi-day excursion through southern Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park: Stovepipe Wells Campground to Racetrack Valley Road

Follow the secluded Marble Canyon through Joshua trees and Cottonwood Mountains to vast playas and volcanic craters on this 80-mile trek.

Death Valley National Park: Racetrack Valley Road to the Nevada Border

Climb through gaping craters and narrow canyons before bagging 11 peaks in northern Death Valley’s Last Chance Range on this 46-miler.

Death Valley National Park: Eureka Dunes via Last Chance Range

Traverse the Last Chance Range en route to the highest sand dunes in California and the abandoned Crater Mine on this difficult, 40-mile out-and-back in Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park: Eureka Dunes to Last Chance Mountain

This 28.7-mile weekend getaway travels from Eureka Dunes, the highest dunes in California, to Last Chance Mountain, an 8,500-foot peak in Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park: Badwater Basin to Gold Valley

Don’t waste winter: Tackle this cross-country canyon trek in the Lower 48’s largest national park.

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