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New Life List: Tackle a Monster Dayhike in the Grand Canyon

See a week's worth of scenery in 24 hours, and redefine your idea of what's possible.

Key Skill: Stay Cool
Don’t try a mega-trip like this one until you’ve notched a 25-miler—feeling strong—in the weeks prior. On game day, here’s how to stay hydrated and energized:

» Drink every 15 minutes. Carry a three-liter bladder, and refill at all sources. Eat about 200 calories (for women) to 250 calories (for men) per hour; bring 4,000 calories total, with a mix of sweet and salty—the latter important for replenishing sodium.

» Wear a wide-brimmed hat and light-colored clothing that covers most skin. Use SPF 30 sunscreen (see page 49).

» Start at first light. If you feel signs of heat exhaustion—nausea, clamminess, dizziness, lethargy—rest in the shade, drink, eat, and consider turning back.

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