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Tough Outdoor Jobs

Every backpacker dreams of a glory job in the outdoors. Here's what it takes to make the grade for 8 of the toughest ones out there.


Job description Kill and capture bad guys—while surviving the loneliest, remotest, most dangerous environments on the planet. The SEALs (Sea, Air, and Land Forces) were established in 1962 to deliver “highly specialized warfare capabilities” in a range of conditions—from oceans to mountains to jungles. These soldiers depend on legendary navigation, wilderness, and hunting skills—honed in training regimens so fierce that historically only 25 percent of applicants graduate—to carry out reconnaissance, counterterrorism, and foreign internal defense missions.

Entrance exam
To be a candidate, you must first pass SEAL Prep School. And to be considered for prep school, you must pass this screening test. Just meeting the minimum isn’t a good sign.

­+ Swim 500 yards in less than 12:30
­+ Rest 10 minutes
­+ 42 push-ups within 2 minutes
­+ Rest 2 minutes
­+ 50 sit-ups within 2 minutes
­+ Rest 2 minutes
­+ 6 pull-ups (no time limit)
­+ Rest 10 minutes
­+ 1.5-mile run within 11 minutes

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