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The Ultimate First-Aid Manual: Stay or Go?

Use this chart to determine if you can finish your trip–or should hightail it to the ER.

Stick it out if . . .
Head for help if . . .
Hypothermia Person warms up and feels fine Pulse slows; shivering stops; person becomes incoherent or unconscious
Frostbite Tissue warms and looks normal Blisters or black tissue form
Heat illness Persons cools off and feels fine Person has altered mental status and red, hot skin
Muscle/bone injury Person can use the injured part Person cannot use the injured part
Diarrhea Problem resolves within 24 hours Problem persists for more than 24 hours
Wounds They are cleaned, properly dressed, and don’t require
They are large enough to require closure; they’re deep wounds on the face or neck
Burns Pain is manageable and no large
blisters form
Pain is intense; blisters are large; face is burned

The Ultimate First-Aid Manual
Wilderness Medicine Institute cofounder Buck Tilton boils down a lifetime’s worth of experience into 62 tips

Photo Tutorials: First Aid Center
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