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The Ultimate First-Aid Manual: Muscles & Bones

Sprains, strains, and fractured bones. Here's what to do in the case of a distressed limb.

1. Roll up a sleeping pad from both ends until you have something resembling two jelly rolls, leaving four to six inches of pad between the two rolls.
2. Place pad against the back of the leg and curl rolls around from the rear.
3. Place a rolled-up T-shirt (or other firm, padded object) behind the knee to keep the leg slightly flexed.
4. Tie pad securely around leg with bandannas or backpack straps. Use two above the knee and four below (don’t tie directly over the break).
5. If using a self-inflating pad, inflate it after tying for extra support.
6. Check patient’s toes for circulation and sensation; loosen if necessary.

VIDEO: Treating Broken Bones
If you know how to diagnose, treat, and splint a broken leg with camping gear, you’ll better your odds for survival.

PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How to Treat a Fractured Leg
Stabilize an injured leg with a sleeping pad and a few T-shirts.

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