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Survival: Survival Skills Stories

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Use a Bow Drill to Make Fire

You've probably seen this technique done countless times in magazines or on TV. Now, learn how to coax up a flame using wood, friction, and a few simple tricks. Photos by AJ Powell

Make an Ottomani Pocket Sun Compass

You don't need no stinkin' sextant! Use this ancient technique to make and calibrate a portable compass that will point you in the right direction sure as the sun is shining. Photos by AJ Powell

Make a Compass from a Sewing Needle

Don’t get caught in the wild trying to survive without a map and compass. Just don’t. But if you’ve got a sewing needle, a magnet (or a wool sock!), some standing water, and something that floats, you can solve half your problem and build a compass. Here’s how.

NBC Orders Bear Grylls Celebrity Survival Show

Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, and Ben Stiller will accompany Bear into the wild.

Survive With… a Soda Can

A tossed soda or beer can is never a pretty sight in the wild -- but it could be your ticket to a much-needed meal if you find yourself stranded near a body of water. With some floss (or scavenged line), even a child can assemble a simple, usable fishing kit. It won’t hold an 80-pound tarpon, but it can reel in a fish in a survival situation.

Survive With…Plastic Shopping Bags

Everyone has a pile of plastic shopping bags overflowing out of a kitchen drawer or pantry just taking up space. So, make a survival tool out of ‘em – specifically, a strong, durable waterproof rope, which you can braid without any tools. All you need is as many plastic bags as you can get your hands on and a pair of scissors.

Troubleshoot This: Busted Hydration Bladder

Learn to field-fix a leaky reservoir.

Treat Deep Wounds

Miles from the trailhead, your hiking partner springs a gusher after taking a fall on an iffy scramble. Here's what to do.

Out Alive: Trapped in an Ice Tunnel

A solo hiker tries to claw her way out of a frozen cave after a winter pathway collapses.

The Survival Issue: You

To err is human, but to err in the wilderness can get you in a load of trouble. Here's how to manage missteps and improvise fixes.

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