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Survival: In The Wild with…Only a Knife

Long before satellite beacons, humans thrived in the wild with the best technology available: a knife. And with that one tool and some basic knowledge, they fulfilled all life-sustaining needs.

Flagstaff, Arizona–based survival expert Tony Nester helps today’s tech-dependent humans get back to their primal roots with his popular “Knife Only” course. “A knifeless man is a lifeless man,” Nester says. Here is how to cut, slice, and pry your way out of any mess with these survival fundamentals.

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  1. danschwemin

    I think Tony Nester needs to look up the definition of “full-tang” because Mora knives are NOT full tang. They have a rat tail tang. The 3 7/8″ bladed Mora knife that this article is referring to is most likely the Mora 511 which has a very thin, weak rat-tail tang (I would know; I’ve broken one) and is not a very strong knife. Either way, Mora’s are not full tang knives and are not regarded as being very strong knives in general. This article should be revised so misinformation is not being spread to people who don’t know very much about knives yet.

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