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Finding Food and Water

forage your dinner
Finding Food and Water Skills Wild Food

Forage Your Dinner

By: Gina DeMillo Wagner

Could you survive without food in the wilderness? Our hungry hiker went searching for sustenance in one of the nation’s harshest environments to find out.

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  • Lash the arrowhead firmly onto a stick and use it for hunting fish or small game. Survive With Your Cellphone
  • Secure your line to the middle of the soda can with a half hitch or a few fishermen’s bends, and begin wrapping it around the middle to make your soda can reel. Leave about three feet hanging loose. Survive With… a Soda Can
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You’re stuck in the backcountry with a sketchy water supply, and no filter or iodine tablets– no way to treat your water. Boiling water is a guaranteed way to purify it, but in a survival situation, you probably won’t have a pot and stove. Here’s how to heat your water with just a plastic bag and a fire.

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