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Survival Skills

Emergency goggles
Survival Skills

Troubleshoot This: Snowblind

By: Kristin Bjornsen

Caught out on a bright day without your glasses? Things could turn ugly if you lose your vision. Learn to prevent and treat a sunburned eye.

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  • Lash the arrowhead firmly onto a stick and use it for hunting fish or small game. Survive With Your Cellphone
  • After letting dry for a few hours, set ablaze! (Maybe not inside, though.) Survive With… An Egg Crate, Dryer Lint, and a Candle
  • It may look weird, but it’s warm and waterproof. Fill a plastic bag with leaf litter or other dry, airy materials and tie it on your head. Six Ways to Survive With a Plastic Bag
  • Secure your line to the middle of the soda can with a half hitch or a few fishermen’s bends, and begin wrapping it around the middle to make your soda can reel. Leave about three feet hanging loose. Survive With… a Soda Can
  • Once complete, your plastic bag rope should be strong enough to easily hold your own body weight (though plastic will degrade over time when exposed to sunlight). Survive With…Plastic Shopping Bags
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