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Survival Lab Knife Test–The Final Cut

Can your keychain knife hack through rope? Wood? Bone? Didn’t think so. We tested 14 packable blades to find the toughest, most versatile survival tool for hikers.

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife
Power: Slight and light, this knife made short work of prying pencil-thin kindling from a log, and the petite blade surprised by splitting a hunk of 3.5-inch wood in four minutes flat.
Precision: Drilling perfect holes and v-notches for firebows with this easy-wielding blade is like slicing paper with an X-ACTO knife. A precise, fine edge skinned sticks like onions.
Verdict: Survival instructor Tony Nester favors Swedish models like this for good reason: Superior edge hold, a versatile shape, and superb control (credit the plush handle) ease carving. It’s also ultralight, and the butt hides a magnesium firestarter that shoots sparks like a rocket. Bonus: An easy-sharpening grind angle. Bummer: Excessive blade flex.
$30; blade: 3.75 in., 2.9 oz., sheath: 1.1 oz.;

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