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Survival Lab: Emergency Water

Without a drink, a hiker can die in as little as a day. We tested three techniques for conjuring H20 out of thin air. Plus: 5 easy ways to stay hydrated in hot climates.
Sept12_Bydlon_Urine_445x260Pee Bottle (Andrew Bydlon)

Transpiration Bag
RESULTS This set-it-and-forget-it method can supplement your survival needs, but don’t count on it as your sole supply–unless you have two dozen plastic bags. Our test produced only
a few teaspoons of water in four hours.

DO IT Place a smooth rock in the bottom corner of a plastic bag (the clearer and larger, the better). Pull the bag over a leafy branch. Tie it so air can’t escape. Wait a few hours,
until water collects in the bag’s weighted corner. Untie the bag and pour the water into a container to drink. Works best with succulents and bright green, broad-leafed plants.

TIP Because heat will cause the plant’s pores to close, you’ll get the best results in the morning and evening.

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