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Survival Lab: Emergency Water

Without a drink, a hiker can die in as little as a day. We tested three techniques for conjuring H20 out of thin air. Plus: 5 easy ways to stay hydrated in hot climates.
Sept12_Bydlon_Urine_445x260Pee Bottle (Andrew Bydlon)

Dew Harvesting
RESULTS Sopping up dew yielded the most water for the least effort. Using a Buff ($20;, we got a cup from a shaded, saturated bush in a few minutes. Expect good results
on cool nights in humid, wind-free climates, in areas with moist soil, and along damp depressions and stream channels.

DO IT Ignore advice about tying T-shirts to your feet: It’s easier to wipe your cloth-covered hand on dense, broad-leafed vegetation and grass. You’ll also sop up bugs, dirt,
bird poop, and plant toxins; if possible, treat before drinking.

TIP In arid environments (high altitude, deserts), work fast when dew is present: Wind, dry air, and sudden temperature increases can evaporate it quickly.

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