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Saving Lives: Size Up the Scene and Identify Lethal Dangers

When an emergency strikes, your mind can go blank. These easy clues and rhymes will help you remember what do to first.
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Size Up the Scene | Identify Lethal Dangers

Mind go blank at the sight of blood? Remember these on-approach safety checks—each step rhymes with its corresponding number.

1. Who’s number ONE?
Your safety is your first priority. Look for hazards before approaching a scene or injured victim.

2. Look for CLUES.
What happened? Study visible evidence before intervening and use it to guide your assessment.

3. Don’t get any on ME.
Sicknesses and injuries can be messy. Pack—and put on—latex or nitrile rubber gloves.

4. Are there any MORE?
Look and listen for evidence of additional victims. Finding them quickly could save more lives.

5. Dead or ALIVE?
Decide the situation’s severity and urgency. Make priorities: The pros call this triage.

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