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October 2010 Table of Contents

50-Mile Thru-Hikes
No six-month sabbatical in the works for a long trail? Not a problem. Here are 10 point-to-point treks with the payoffs of a thru-hike–new scenery and campsites every day, enough miles to get into a rhythm–but all sized just right for your real-world vacation: a week. From Pennsylvania to California, these are the top routes for a thru-hike you can do this year. By Jim Gorman

Trail Etiquette
Go ahead and get dirty. But please, don’t act like a Neanderthal just because you’re 14 miles from indoor plumbing. Take our quiz to see if you’re a civilized hiker–or need to pay a visit to backcountry finishing school.

A practical guide to wilderness catastrophes and the skills you need to:
[ ] Navigate without a compass
[ ] Make a splint from sticks
[ ] Improvise a pair of crampons
[ ] Start a fire with whiskey
[ ] Stay warm without shelter
…and more

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