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The Ultimate “Survive This!” Archive

If you can imagine it, we've seen it-and offered expert analysis. From avalanches to volcanoes, this archive contains step-by-step plans for escaping a slew of mishaps that can befall weary travelers.
Illustration by Tim Marrs

Survive This: Frostbitten Feet
Frostbite is bad news. Learn how to safely treat frozen feet.

Survive This: Bitten by a (Rabid?) Animal
Chomped by a critter? Here’s what to do.

Survive This: a Plunge Into Raging Whitewater
Learn how to battle your way out of a raging river with these tips.

Survive This: Swarming Wasps
Forget all the rules about freezing or making yourself big. When faced with these angry beasts run for cover.

Survive This: Caught between a Mama Bear and Her Cub
Here’s how to get out of the middle when motherly instincts kick in.

Survive This: Separated From Group
If you get lost from your hiking party, here’s how to get found–fast.

Survive This: Getting Lost in a Whiteout
Don’t forge ahead when faced with whiteout conditions.

Survive This: a Mangled Ankle
Help yourself hike out after an ankle injury

Survive This: Meeting a Menacing Stranger on the Trail
Learn how to avoid shady characters on the trail.

Survive This: Sudden Illness on the Trail
Beware of dehydration when a sudden illness strikes.

Survive This: Volcanic Eruption
Don’t worry about lava. Worry about rocks and mud and ash.

Survive This: Stuck on a Scree Slope
When you’re slipping and sliding, don’t let your partners help you. Learn how to climb yourself to safety.

Survive This: Lost in the Desert
When you’re stuck in the desert unexpectedly conserve, conserve, conserve.

Survive This: Caught in an Avalanche
When you’re trekking into a backcountry bowl, avalanches are almost always a threat. Learn how to protect yourself when the worst happens.

Survive This: Trapped by a Rock
When a scramble turns to a nightmare learn how to help yourself.

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