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Happy Go Wet: Backpacker’s Rain Quiz

Can you handle a rainy outing? Take our fun quiz to see how you'd fare under a sky of liquid sunshine.

1) Your dog ripped a quarter-sized hole in your tent and here comes the storm of the summer. What’s the best way to fix this doggone situation?

a) gently mix a poultice of mud and leaves; apply it to the hole
b) plug the hole with tape sealant
c) unstake tent; sew hole up with thread and needle
d) smartly secure a piece of your rain gear over the hole on the outside of the tent

2) A quick way to revitalize the waterproofing on your outerwear is:

a) tack on duct tape
b) apply a no-shine car wax
c) brush on a thin layer of seam sealant
d) wash in mild detergent; throw in the clothes drier

3) What mountain averages the most rainfall per year in the world (roughly 450 inches annually)?

a) Mt. Rainier, Washington
b) Mt. Waialeale, Hawaii
c) El Toro, Chilie-Argentina
d) Mt. Cook, New Zealand

4) Why don’t you use normal laundry detergent on waterproof fabric?

a) it will burn holes in the fabric
b) it may leave a fine, white residue on the fabric
c) it may make the fabric less waterproof
d) the smell may attract wildlife to your campsite

5) How much snow equals one-inch of rain?

a) 1-2 inches
b) 3-6 inches
c) 5-12 inches
d) 13-15 inches

6) What’s the best way to keep your gear dry in your pack?

a) line your pack with a garbage bag
b) keep clothing packed in a waterproof stuff sack near the center
c) put a rain cover over your pack
d) all the above

7) The best place to cook camp food when it’s raining is:

a) inside your tent
b) under a tarp or shelter
c) on a exposed ridgeline
d) all the above

8) What’s the best way to layer in a cold, early spring rainstorm?

a) cotton layer, cotton layer, waterproof layer
b) cotton layer, waterproof layer, synthetic insulating layer
c) insulating layer, wicking layer, waterproof layer
d) wicking layer, synthetic insulating layer, waterproof layer

9) True or False? Cotton socks perform the best in Gore-Tex boots because they absorb lots of moisture.

a) True
b) False

10) What do you call people who fear rain or of being rained on?

a) Xylophobic
b) Limnophobic
c) Rainstick Men
d) Ombrophobic

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