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April 2008

Backpacker’s Carbon-Neutral Project

Last fall, we showed you the many ways that climate change is altering the wild places we love. Now, a look at what BACKPACKER is doing to reduce the magazine's impact.

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What You Can Do
Want to join us in preventing climate change? Here are 6 surefire ways to get started today.

(1) Find your footprint
See for an easy-to-use tool that will help you identify reductions.

(2) Make small fixes first
Cutting carbon can actually save you money. Go to for 100-plus practical ideas for home, office, car, travel, and trail.

(3) Zero your waste
Fill your bins, cancel junk mail (, and read The Rodale Book of Composting ($16).

(4) Download a digital edition
We’ve posted two free issues at Like what you see? Buy a subscription and get BACKPACKER delivered to your inbox.

(5) Shop
Our partner’s online mall offsets all purchases–from clothes to cabinets–at no extra charge.

(6) Change your company
Cut costs and save glaciers by adapting BACKPACKER’s process to your workplace. For help getting started, write to

Cow Power
Our offset dollars support this novel energy project.

Daisy can’t help it: She farts, and the planet gets warmer. That’s because methane is 21 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. To mitigate her exhaust, we’re investing in Holsum Dairy, a Wisconsin farm that captures the gas and converts it to electricity. Holsum’s efforts are proving that dairy farms can produce enough energy–and GHG-free fertilizer–to support a small community. For an NPR report on Holsum, go to

What We Did | What We Learned | What We’re Doing | Where We Stand | What You Can Do

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