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How to Predict the Weather in the Backcountry

By: Catherina Leipold (with information from Frank Cooper, Robert Glancy, Roger Griswold (meteorologists), Lisa Densmore)

No forecast? No problem. Make your own with tips from our team of meteorologists.

In October 2014, hundreds of trekkers were caught in a deadly blizzard on the Annapurna Circuit
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Inside Nepal’s Deadly Blizzard

By: Stephen Fabes

In October 2014, a severe blizzard struck Nepal's Annapurna Circuit during peak trekking season. Hundreds of hikers were stranded and dozens died in one of the world's worst hiking disasters. An eyewitness shares his tale.

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Weather Anecdotes: Explained

Mnemonics make it easy to remember weather sayings and make weather predictions, but is there any truth behind the prediction rhymes?

Survival Weather

Survive Coastal Dangers

By: Sarah Maurer

Waves, currents, and tides threaten thousands of miles of American trails (any within a quarter of a mile of a waterway), and hikers can get caught in the barrage. Headland-sculpting, beach-pounding waves can swallow an unwary trekker without so much as a burp. Learn how to recognize, negotiate, and avoid nearshore hazards

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