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How to Do Everything – The (Actual) 10 Essentials

Don't leave home without these practical, helpful items.
1. Headlamp Get LED bulbs; they last longer. Good bet: Black Diamond Spot ($40, 1.8 oz. with no batteries,

2. First-aid kit Learn how to treat wilderness injuries at Good bet: AMK Ultralight/Watertight .9 ($36, 10.4 oz.,

3. Sunblock Opt for zinc, avobenzone, titanium, or Mexoryl. Good bet: Blue Lizard Australian Sensitive ($12, 3 oz.,

4. Trail food Carbs and electrolytes are key. Good bet: Clif Mojo Dipped ($1.39, 1.6 oz.,

5. Fire Bring a lighter and firestarter. Good bets: A Bic plus Vaseline-dipped cotton balls stored in a pill bottle

6. Knife We like a lightweight multitool. Good bet: Victorinox Voyager Lite ($119, 4 oz.,

7. Water Bring a sturdy container and backup purification tablets. Good bets: Nalgene Everyday 32-Ounce ($10, 6.2 oz.,; Aquamira ($17, 2 oz.,

8. Insulation Think puffy. Good bet: GoLite Demaree Canyon 800-fill jacket ($200, 14 oz.,

9. Navigation Pack at least a map and compass. Good bet: Silva Ranger 515 Compass ($55, 2.4 oz.,

10. Raingear Bring a waterproof/breathable shell, plus an emergency garbage bag. Good bet: Millet 350 ($350, 12 oz.,

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