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How to Do Everything – First Aid & Health

Close a wound, remove a tick, prevent poison ivy rash, and more essential tips.
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Treat Medical Emergencies | Close a Gaping Wound | Find Relief in Your Food Bag | Prevent Poison Ivy Rash/Remove a Tick | Make a Walking Splint | Two-Second Tip

Just brushed against the telltale leaves of three? Wash the exposed skin immediately with warm water and biodegradable soap to remove urushiol, the oil that causes the itchy rash. Rub alcohol pads over the skin after washing.

Don’t even think about burning the bugger with a match or suffocating it with nail polish–such folk remedies only increase the chance of infection. Instead, grab the tick as close as possible to the skin with tweezers. Tug gently but consistently and the tick will tire and let go. Rub the bite site with antibiotic ointment or an alcohol pad.

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