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Gear Review: Brunton Helios Stormproof Lighter

Light a fire fast, even in wet, cold, and windy conditions, with this waterproof lighter.
august 2010 survival gear lighter 445x260Brunton Helios Stormproof Lighter (Courtesy Photo)

When survival hinges on fire, chances are it’ll be really hard to make one. Read: wet, cold, windy. That’s when this fully waterproof butane lighter becomes real survival gear. The pocket blowtorch blasts a prolonged but pinpoint flame—a miracle when you’re trying to fire up tinder in wet, blustery conditions. Unlike cheaper models, it’s totally submersible. A clear window lets you gauge fuel level. Refills are simple using Brunton’s Fuel Tool ($19; .9 oz.), which lets you refill the lighter directly from any screw-top, blended-fuel stove canister. $85 (Note: We found it for $43 on Amazon); 1.7 oz.;

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