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August 1999

Foot Mechanic Quiz: Fixing Foot Problems Before The Hike

Do your foot troubles warrant an expert's opinion? Take this quiz to find out.

For some types of foot problems you need a medical mechanic. To see, take the following quiz.

Yes No  
  Does you big toenail become ingrown easily?
  Do you get a blister in the same spot every trip?
  Do you have heel pain every morning, at home or on the trail?
  Do your arches ache on longer hikes?
  Do you routinely twist or sprain your ankles?

If you responded “yes” to any of the above, then you’re due for a visit to the podiatrist. “In fact, any type of recurring or prolonged foot pain that impedes your ability to enjoy a hike is a signal to call a doctor,” say Dr. Preston Goforth of the Scott and White Clinic. To find a podiatrist near you, contact: American Podiatric Medical Association, (800) 366-8227;

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