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Danger Signs: Bear Country

Hiking where bears are present (that's more than 40 states) always requires precautions, like hanging food. But these three signals demand extra vigilance.
Backpacker_Magazine_dangers signs bear country(Photo by Chuck Graham)

>> Campsite signs
Scratch marks in a fire pit, garbage at the site, or nearby scat mean the area’s bruins might have learned to associate campers with food. Avoid problem bears by pitching your tent elsewhere.

>> Forage
In late summer and early fall, bears are out gorging on berries and nuts during the day. Avoid surprising them by clapping or singing near dense thickets, especially if you’re downwind.

>> Scat
Runny, hairy, and smelly droppings indicate a bear is eating meat, which might mean a carcass (which a bear would defend) lies nearby. Leave the area.

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