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Are You Smarter Than a Boy Scout?

Scoutmasters wrote the book on camping, and built an army of pack-toting teens. But do the troops truly rule when it comes to outdoor skills? We pitted three Scouts against three average readers to find out.

3. Knot Tying

Game On
In this essential test, teams get a four-foot section of rope and instructions to tie a square knot, clove hitch, and bowline.

So much for a blowout. The Scouts whip out all three knots before Team BACKPACKER can even agree on what a square knot looks like. "Not my strength," confesses Louis. Readers: 2, Scouts: 1

By the Book
If you can remember one knot, make it the bowline. It’s easy to tie, and doesn’t slip or jam under tension. To tie one, use the old mnemonic: The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree, and back down the hole.

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