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  • Apply to wounds or irritated regions. Make a Salve With a Garden Weed
  • Voila! This DIY setup should work for multiple types of shoes of the same size, but your mileage may vary. Make Snow Traction With Bungee Cord
  • Lash the arrowhead firmly onto a stick and use it for hunting fish or small game. Survive With Your Cellphone
  • Secure your line to the middle of the soda can with a half hitch or a few fishermen’s bends, and begin wrapping it around the middle to make your soda can reel. Leave about three feet hanging loose. Survive With… a Soda Can
  • survival bracelet How to Make a Survival Bracelet
  • Sun1 445x260 38436 Track the Sun to Find North
  • light a fire How To: Build an Emergency Fire
  • ten essentials The 10 Essentials

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8 Survival Tips From a Grand Canyon Rescue Ranger

By: Annette McGivney

On the eve of his retirement, Bil Vandergraff, Grand Canyon’s most experienced search-and-rescue ranger, sits down for a career debriefing and explains why you should absolutely hike in wet cotton and never leave home without cold pizza.

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Survival School: Six Things That Burn

A lot of unexpected things burn long and hot enough to get your fire going. Here are six that you can make at home and pack with you.

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