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  • Apply to wounds or irritated regions. Make a Salve With a Garden Weed
  • Voila! This DIY setup should work for multiple types of shoes of the same size, but your mileage may vary. Make Snow Traction With Bungee Cord
  • Lash the arrowhead firmly onto a stick and use it for hunting fish or small game. Survive With Your Cellphone
  • Secure your line to the middle of the soda can with a half hitch or a few fishermen’s bends, and begin wrapping it around the middle to make your soda can reel. Leave about three feet hanging loose. Survive With… a Soda Can
  • paracord bracelet Paracord Bracelet: a Step-by-step DIY Guide
  • Sun1 445x260 38436 Track the Sun to Find North
  • light a fire How To: Build an Emergency Fire
  • ten essentials The 10 Essentials

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Out Alive: Attacked in the Woods

By: David Stephen Wingfield

Deep in the Virginia woods, David Stephen Wingfield's father fights off an unseen assailant. But the truth is stranger than he could have imagined.

Survival Skills

Saved By: A Knife

By: Tom Brown Jr., Tracker School

Where there’s a blade, there’s a way. Use these techniques to carve, chop, scrape, and signal your way out of trouble.

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A lot of unexpected things burn long and hot enough to get your fire going. Here are six that you can make at home and pack with you.

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