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Summer Camping Secrets: At the Stove

Bake without an oven! Build your own spice kit! A DIY guide to dining while summer camping.

Ryan Hutchins Dental floss
and needle
Used for Sewing ripped pack straps, tents, and trail runners
Tim Kish Cotton washcloth
Used for Mopping up sweat, tent condensation, and spills
Nick Cross Light, long-sleeved wind shirt
Used for Protection from gusts, sun, and bugs
Tyler Fish Games (mini dice and photocopied Yahtzee scorecard, Scrabble tiles, cards)
Used for Rainy, tent-bound nights
Cary Rhodes, Appalachian Mountain Club education programs coordinator Cotton T-shirt
Used for PJs; dipping in rivers, then wearing on hot days—cotton dries slowly, prolonging the cooling effect.

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