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Summer Camping Secrets: At the Stove

Bake without an oven! Build your own spice kit! A DIY guide to dining while summer camping.

Choose the right one and make it last.
>> Hard and semi-hard varieties—Parmesan, Swiss, Gouda, Jarlsberg—last about a week in moderate temps.
>> Softer, oilier cheeses, like cheddar and Brie, only last a few days.
>> Waxed bricks or wheels keep better than blocks or slices.
>> Direct sun and warm temperatures speed spoilage. Packing the cheese in two zip-top bags and stashing it near the center of your pack will insulate it on hot days.

Lucky enough to stumble upon a huckleberry, raspberry, or blueberry patch? If so, throw a few handfuls into an empty bottle, and generously sprinkle on sugar. Let sit overnight so a syrup forms, then heat on medium heat in a pot until berries begin breaking up (one to two minutes). Serve on flapjacks or oatmeal.


A dash of spice can make bland glop divine. Pack them in tiny plastic bottles, like Nalgene’s Multipurpose Vial Kit ($8, Avoid zip-top bags, as spices clog zippers. We like: onion powder, garlic, Parmesan, oregano, dried mushrooms, cinnamon, sun-dried tomato, cayenne, salt, and pepper.

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