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Summer Camping Secrets: At the Stove

Bake without an oven! Build your own spice kit! A DIY guide to dining while summer camping.

Pizza in the backcountry? Yes, please. Lugging a dutch oven? No thanks. NOLS teaches the “around the clock” method: Stack a few rocks near your stove, at the level of the burner. Place the covered pot, filled with dough, on the burner, but position it so one quarter of it is over a low flame and three quarters rest on the rocks. Every two to three minutes, give the pot a quarter turn so a new section is above the flame. Keep rotating the pot until your baked goods are done. This ensures even baking and prevents burning. 

A good rule of thumb for summer is 3,500 calories per day. Choose calorie-dense items (cheese, bars, peanut butter) so your food weighs no more than 2 lbs./person/day. Store each day’s meals in separate zip-top bags.

Pretrip, soak marshmallows in cognac for five to 10 seconds, then double-bag them in zip-top bags (you can also soak them in camp). Roast the treats over a campfire, then combine them with dark chocolate and two shortbread cookies.

At breakfast, fill a thermos with boiling water. At lunch, pour it on your dried meal of choice (like a hearty soup or macaroni). We like the Primus Vacuum Bottle ($18-$32,

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