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How to Do Everything – Cooking

Eat like a pro with our recipes for every course.

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Bring a field guide and forage for a sippable treat that goes far beyond your typical English breakfast blend.

  • Pine or spruce needles Brew up a handful of these vitamin C-packed needles to help soothe a cold.
  • Dandelion Reduce PMS symptoms and bloating with a cup of tea made from its vitamin A-rich leaves.
  • Sage Steep these purple-gray leaves to soothe a sore throat and freshen your mouth.
  • Mormon tea Use the twigs of this aptly named plant (formally known as ephedra) to make a tonic for upset stomachs.

1) Frozen blackberry margarita: Fresh-picked berries + snow + tequila
2) Watermelon snowfield: Fruit punch sports drink + snow + Bacardi 151 rum + maraschino cherry
3) Morning elephant: Amarula Cream liqueur + coffee
4) Mountain storm cosmo: Lime juice + cranberry juice concentrate + triple sec + vodka + lime Kool-Aid powder + hailstones

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