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Gear Review: Lafuma Futura Clipper Chair

Kick back, throw your feet up and enjoy this super comfy camp lounger.
1109 Lafuma Futura Clipper Chair 445x260Lafuma Futura Clipper (Courtesy Photo)

Kick It
Don’t forget to call “savesies” when you get up from this chair–your friends will be fighting for it. It’s so comfy that one tester uses it in her living room between trips. The twofold secret: First, the mesh sitting surface is suspended from a stainless steel frame via a series of small rubbery slings that act as shock absorbers.

Second, the chair reclines with a simple scootch of the butt, easing you into a fabulous almost-horizontal position that was deemed “wicked, wicked comfortable” by our veteran loungers. $190; 21 lbs.;

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