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Test Kitchen: Salami

We sampled 50 jerkies, salamis, and summer sausages to find the tastiest and longest-lasting. Here’s how to choose, use, and make trail-worthy meats.

3. Jerky
Best for Long, hot-weather trips
Trail-worthiness Jerky is much drier than other shelf-stable meats, so it’s the longest lasting. Opened packages of unspiced, unflavored strips just got drier in our tests, instead of getting moldy.
Storage Heat doesn’t affect most jerky. For trail quality, package daily servings individually to limit air and moisture exposure.
Shopping For trips longer than three days, choose the driest brands. Consider meats other than beef (pork, salmon, turkey), but avoid sauced or oiled versions.
Top pick World Kitchen’s Old Fashioned ($13; 12 oz.; Our line-up’s winner for chunk size also pleased with a big bag—enough for an entire week.

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