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Test Kitchen: Salami

We sampled 50 jerkies, salamis, and summer sausages to find the tastiest and longest-lasting. Here’s how to choose, use, and make trail-worthy meats.

2. Summer sausage
Best for Budget menus and meal mix-ins
Trail-worthiness This semi-dry sausage is tangier and has a more substantial casing (you’ll have to pack it out) than salami. It also averages twice the fat, which makes it good for adding calories on cool-weather or high-effort trips.
Storage Best in mild temps—below 75℉. In warmer weather, opened packages in our tests started to turn within three days.
Shopping Choose sausages without cheese or veggies already added; opened sausages turn rancid more quickly.
Top pick Johnsonville Beef Summer Sausage Deli Bites ($5; 12 oz.; Testers loved the smoky flavor of these mess-free, bite-size sausage sticks.

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