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Test Kitchen: Salami

We sampled 50 jerkies, salamis, and summer sausages to find the tastiest and longest-lasting. Here’s how to choose, use, and make trail-worthy meats.

Variety: Choose the right provisions for your trip.

1. Hard salami
Best for Gourmet chefs and sandwiches
Trail-worthiness These hard, salty, cured pork and beef blends—aka pepperoni, or fermented or dry sausage—hold up well to pack-bashing on extended trips.
Storage Once you start slicing, use it all within four days. Between meals, wrap uneaten bits in paper; plastic wrappings cause sweat, which shortens shelf life.
Shopping Opt for sausages without a pepper-covered or white casing (covered in natural mold); flaking is messy.
Top pick Boar’s Head Bianco D’Oro Italian Dry Salame ($7; 7 oz.; The rich (but not fatty) taste and peppery flavor made this a standout, especially paired with fresh veggies like cucumber.

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