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Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2012: Food

Fuel the biggest cold-weather adventures.


Hungry Hikers Three Sisters Scramble
Packed with sausage, potatoes, onions, and cheese, this double-serving, egg-based scramble is hearty enough as a meal on its own, but also works well as a protein-packed bagel or tortilla topper. “Fresh from the kitchen” is how one tester described the texture of the sausage and eggs, adding, “let it rehydrate for a few minutes longer than the recommended four minutes to avoid dry, spongy-textured potatoes.” $6 (2 servings);

Adventure Appetites Sleeping Bag Hashbrown Burrito

Warm up chilly mornings with this hearty egg-and-potato wrap. The ship-to-you meal company combines dry goods (dehydrated hash browns, eggs, and veggies) with relatively shelf-stable staples (cream cheese, tortillas, butter, and fresh salsa) for meals that balance low weight with well-placed bursts of freshness. “Opening the package, I was pulling out one surprise after another—there’s real butter and a packet of Tapatío hot sauce for a warming kick,” says one tester. Note: Follow “use or freeze by” directions so fresh ingredients don’t spoil before you hit the trail. $8 (1 serving);

Mazama Bar Hazelnut Mocha Bar
Fuel chilly alpine starts with this coffee-flavored, all-natural meal-replacement bar. “At 410 calories, it’s high-powered, and the hefty dose of protein [10g], fiber [6g], and fat [21g] kept me full for hours,” says one tester, adding “if it freezes solid, you can still bite into it.” The subtle coffee flavor makes the Hazelnut Mocha bar a natural fit for morning, but testers also loved the Chocolate Banana and Wild Berry flavors. $4 (1 serving);

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