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The Manual: Rough Road Driving

Don’t get stuck in the mud. Learn to evaluate road hazards, overcome obstacles, and navigate the unpaved passages between your front door and your next adventure.
rough_road_driving_445x278Illustration by: Supercorn

1. Jack each wheel above surface level. Use plywood, a log, or a wide rock to keep your jack from sinking. Fill holes under the tire with sand, dirt, wood, or rocks. Beware of flying debris upon acceleration.
2. Place branches, planks, or floor mats in front of, under, and in line with tires. The traction aid needs to be at least halfway under the tire for the rubber to bite.
3. Deflate tires. Drop to 15 to 18 psi (from 30 to 32). You’ll increase the tire’s surface area and improve flotation. Drive slowly (less than 35 mph) until you can reinflate.

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