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March 2011

The Manual: Couples Camping 101

Use these proven methods to make sure your first romantic camping foray into the wilderness isn't your last.

Top 7 Relationship Killers

Avoid these common blunders so you don’t quarrel in camp.

1) Embarking on scary/tricky terrain Steep stuff that’s fine for you might petrify your partner.

2) Treating your spouse like a pupil and correcting everything he or she does “I once took my wife up the Grand Teton where I’d guided for a few seasons,” Blair says. “Despite my intentions to the contrary, at times I came across as too directive, and I received some immediate feedback regarding my tone.”

3) Letting your goals drive the trip “For example, taking your honey on a five-day fishing trip when she hates fishing,” he says. Similarly, don’t succumb to summit fever if common sense cautions otherwise.

4) Acting like you know what you’re doing when it’s obvious you have no idea That’s a sure way to cause a mutiny.

5) Boring meals E.g., cooking ramen 24/7

6) Forgetting you’re on a date “It’s easy to go into asexual mode on the trail,” Waitzman says. “Remember to hold hands, sweet-talk, and stop for a kiss once in awhile.”

7) Using deet bug lotion as massage oil
’Nuf said.

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