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The Manual: Backcountry Fly-Fishing

Find fish-jumping action, spot streamside sanctuaries, and--if you're allowed to keep your catch--pull divine meals from pristine waters.
skills fly fish 445x260Illustration by Supercorn

>> Forget the net. High-mountain fish are small enough to reel in without one.
>> Keep the fight in open water by positioning yourself between your catch and features (like strainers and logs) where it may try to seek refuge.
>> Follow your catch downstream. If it takes off, the fish’s fight combined with the water’s pull may snap your line.
>> Keep the tip up so you maintain a slight bend in the rod to distribute tension along the entire line. A straight rod stresses weak points: the end knots and tippet.
>> Releasing your catch? Reel quickly to avoid fatiguing the fish, and keep it in the water while you retrieve your hook.

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