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Test Kitchen: Cooking Trail Eggs

We cracked dozens of eggs to find the perfect camping prep. Here's how to pack them efficiently, use them in trail-worthy recipes, and clean up quickly.

Gear: Breakfast Tools

» Carry Pack unbroken eggs in Coghlan’s plastic 6-Egg Holder ($3; 3 oz.;, or crack whole eggs into a leakproof container like OXO’s Locktop Containers (various sizes;
» Cook A good nonstick pan is essential for easy cleanup. We like MSR’s aluminum Flex Skillet ($30; 7 oz.; cascadedesigns .com) for heat transfer and size—it can hold a six-egg scramble. Protect the nonstick surface with Snow Peak’s soft-but-sturdy Hybrid Silicone Spatula ($10; 1 oz.;, which also connects to a spork to create a longhandled utensil for eating out of a bag.

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