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Test Kitchen: Cheese

From Gouda to good old string cheese, we tested 20 types to find the trail-worthiest.

Longest Lasting
Add flavor and calories on big trips with shelf-stable cheeses.

>> Powdered Lightweight and dehydrated, these are good toppings, but not ideal as primary ingredients. Mix blue cheese into polenta, blend cheddar with pancake mix for a savory breakfast, and use dried Parmesan on any carbs. (About $10/lb.;

>> Processed Downside: high salt content and a mild taste. Upside: Velveeta, Easy Cheese, American slices, and gourmet brands can last weeks. Blending during production helps “processed cheese food” stay creamy when melted (instead of separating like natural cheese). Stir 1/4 cup into two cups of cooked noodles for a rich meal, or add to soup mixes to increase calories.

Tested: Make a cheese-wax firestarter.
Wax-covered edam isn’t just a tasty snack; the firestarter-worthy layer of red paraffin that keeps it from spoiling doubles as a survival tool. Make a mini candle: Fold and layer the wax into a one-inch square, then wrap it around a piece of paper twisted into a wick. Burns for up to 20 minutes.

Plus Sign
Cheese School
Watch a video demo for making a candle with a waxy rind.

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