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Skills: Survival Stories

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Survive With a Plastic Bag

Keep a plastic bag in your pack as a no-weight lifesaver. Here are 6 ways it might come in handy.
Text by Ted Alvarez. Images by Ben Fullerton.

Survival A to Z: Unthinkable

You may believe you’re a good trip buddy, but there’s nothing like adversity—and extraordinarily difficult scenarios—to reveal your true nature. There are no right answers, but you have to live with your choices. Here’s how 1,048 readers said they’d respond. What would you do?

Survival A to Z: Victimology

What does the typical Search and Rescue victim look like? A detailed look at who's most likely to get in trouble in our national parks.

Survival A to Z: Panic

What's deadlier than weather, animals, or injuries? Losing your cool. Here's how panic takes over the body--and what you can do to stop it in its tracks.

Survival A to Z: Nightfall

No serene sunsets for you—your hike went long, daylight is fading, and you feel a knot of panic in your chest. Should you try to find your way out, or prepare to overnight?

Survival A to Z: Mantra

M is for Mantra

Survival A to Z: Lost

During a long day trip, you decide to scamper off-trail in search of some wall-worthy shots of a secret waterfall. The trees blend together and in your rush to find photo gold, you suddenly realize you are LOST!

Survival Lab: Caveman Skills

No knife? No rope? No problem. For our great-great-great-great-great-great grandfathers, every day was a survival epic, and they fashioned simple blades and cordage from raw wilderness. With a bit of practice, so can you.

Troubleshoot This: Sediment-Choked Water

Dirty water clogs filters, hampers UV purification, and makes chemical treatments less effective. Find a better water source or clean what you have.

Instant Upgrades

Revive waterproof jackets, salvage a wet map, get better backcountry sleep, and organize your gear. By Sarah Maurer

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