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Download BACKPACKER Photo Wallpaper for Your Computer, iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry

Need instant inspiration? Download these BACKPACKER destination photos–Switzerland, Grand Canyon, & John Muir Wilderness–and get lost.
wallpaper photo download 200x170wallpaper photo download 200x170

Downloading is easy! Just choose which size device or computer monitor you want to display your photo on and then download the zip file (just click on the link and follow the prompts) corresponding to that size at the bottom of the page. Each of the three photos below has been sized accordingly for each display size, so with one download you have three photo options to choose from!

The Granaries at Nankoweap, River Mile 53, Marble Canyon of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park
Photo by Doug Vavrick from Lynnwood, WA

Abbot group of peaks from the Mono Pass Trail (John Muir Wilderness)

Photo by Cheryl Norlin from Bishop, CA

Hiking to Sefinenfrugge Pass, Switzerland
Photo by Samuel Matzek from Rochester, MN

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