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Skills: Navigation Stories

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Manually Adjust Declination

Change declination to navigate more accurately over long distances.

Apps and Maps

From GPS data to navigation apps and printed maps, we have you covered and can get you ready for your next adventure.

Travel Like a Pro: Scout International Routes

Stay on track in exotic terrain with tips from adventurer Pete Takeda.

Adventure Upgrade: Navigate Off Trail

Open up a new door to adventure–by leaving the well-trod route behind.

Ultimate Adventure Handbook: Discover the World Off-Trail

Be a real explorer by going where others don't.

Ski Strong: Descend with Control

Stay safe with these six ski-down tips.

Select a Safe Ski Route

Caused by variable weather, unstable snowpack, and steep terrain, backcountry avalanches claim an average of 25 lives a year in the United States. Your first safety step: Brush up on the basics below. Next, take a course accredited by the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education

BACKPACKER Map Maker iPad app

Plan hikes and backpacking trips, plus other outdoor adventures like never before on detailed, interactive topo maps and aerial photos.

The Manual: Plan a Trip with GPS

Learn how to plot your own digital adventures with precision--then print the maps and prep your GPS.

Navigation Center

Learn how to make custom maps, navigate any terrain, and the ins-and-outs of GPS devices and mobile apps in our comprehensive navigation center.

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