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October 2007

Stretches for Hikers

Recover from high-mileage days with these before-and-after stretches.
Backpacker_Magazine_stretchesPhoto by Woods Wheatcroft


3. Table pose

Release tension from your hamstrings, shoulders, and upper back.


Stand with feet shoulder-width apart about one step from a large tree. Face the trunk and lock your knees.


Bend forward 90 degrees at the waist, grabbing the trunk. Push against it with your hands. Hold 5 breaths.

4. Hero pose

Lean back to target tight quads and sore lats.


Kneel, knees a foot apart, toes pointed behind you.


Drop your butt to the ground between your heels. Hold 5 breaths.

Advanced With your hands behind you for support, lower your back to the ground.

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