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New Life List: Ultimate Family Paddling Adventure

World-class scenery, luxe camping, and easy paddling await your family on the Green River in Canyonlands. Your kids will remember this forever.
life_list-Till-445.jpgBroad Bend, near the confluence of the Green and Colorado rivers. (Tom Till)

Key Skills: Pack Smart and Paddle Efficiently

» Forget dehydrated noodles. This is the trip for steak, fruit, and margs. To keep it all cold, load coolers in the reverse order that you’ll remove food. Put an ice block in the center, and add cubes to the spaces. Strap coolers shut, store them under tarps, and don’t open until needed.

» Load heavy items (coolers, tents, fuel) low in the canoe’s center, putting light dry bags (clothes, sleeping bags, pads) at its ends. Avoid stacking items above the gunwales. Load gear with the canoe tied up in shallows; secure it all with straps.

» For an efficient stroke, hold the top of the paddle with one hand and the shaft with the other (about shoulder’s width apart). Your shoulders and torso should do most of the work. While sitting up straight, rotate your torso stroke-side, and dip the blade vertically into the water about one foot in front of your knee; the shaft should be almost perpendicular to the water. Pull the blade back in a straight line until it’s even with your knee.

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