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August 2003

Boundary Waters

Get lost in the land o' lakes with 3 quiet, crowd-free trails

Expedition Planner Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, MN

Trailheads Direct access to the Border Route Trail is at the Partridge Falls Road outside of Grand Portage (east trailhead) and off the Gunflint Trail Road (west trailhead). Mid-route access is possible on a series of trails and trailheads (check a map). To get to the Kekekabic, start at Fernberg Road outside of Ely (west) and at the Gunflint Trail Road (east). The Powwow Trail is a loop. Begin and end at Forest Service Road 377 near Isabella Lake. Shuttle services for The Border Route and the Kek are available (see contact).

Permits Required and readily available for all backcountry camping (see contact).

Cautions The BWCAW is bear country (wolf and moose, too). Always keep a clean camp, and hang your food at night. Never approach wildlife. Mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks can be bothersome in mid-summer (July to August).

Guides The Border Route Trail: A Trail Guide and Map, by Marcia Scott and Chuck Hoffman (Minnesota Rovers Outing Club; $14 members/$19 nonmembers). The Hikers’s BWCA Wilderness Companion: Kekekabic Trail , by Martin Kubic and Angela Anderson (Kekekabic Trail Club; $10). Hiking Minnesota, by John Pukite ($15).

Contact Superior National Forest, (218) 626-4300; Kekekabic Trail Club, (800) 818-4453; Minnesota Rovers Outing Club, (612) 782-7139;

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