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Inspirational BACKPACKER Readers

Meet five of BACKPACKER's most inspirational heroes–they're also readers.
rc bp heroes 445x260Cordell Andersen near Red Castle Lake in Utah's High Uintas.

Life Changer | Believer | Mentor | Explorer | Survivor


Jim Chatterton Lubbock, TX

Stroke survivor instills hope in others.

Every trail name has a backstory. Jim “Wipeout” Chatterton’s came to him on California’s Lost Coast Trail in 2008, when a rogue wave swept his feet out from under him. He was lucky not to get washed out to sea. In fact, after a stroke in 2007, he was lucky to be hiking at all. “I’m legally blind and suffer paralysis in my left leg and arm,” he says, “but I hike, though it’s slow and difficult, because I want other disabled people to believe they can still accomplish great things.” Chatterton has hiked the Lost Coast and Colorado Trails. He writes about his hikes at 

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