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Your Weeklong Dream Trip

Week 8
Sunday: Hike Pack: 50% of anticipated total pack weight Distance and elevation: 30% of daily trip average RPE: 4-5
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 30-minute trail run.
RPE: 3-4
Wednesday: 45-minute hike with 20-pound pack, followed by 30-minute bike or swim RPE: 3-4
Thursday: 35-minute climbing session. RPE: 3-4
Friday: Off
Saturday: Begin week-long trek!

*RPE refers to the rate of perceived exertion, a fancy sounding term that merely expresses the difficulty of a workout from one to ten. An RPE of 1 means you’re barely breaking a sweat; a 10 means you’re burning in lactic hell.

Click here to download the 8-week training plan.

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