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Your Next Big Peak

Week 1
Sunday: Hike, wearing pack that weighs at least half of the heaviest pack you’ll be carrying; go 50% of distance and elevation gain you’ll cover on an average day during your climb. *RPE: 5
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 50-minute trail run. RPE: 6
Wednesday: 40-minute climb/descent with 15-pound pack. If not possible, cover rolling terrain. RPE: 5. Strength training.
Thursday: Off
Friday: 30-minute climbing session: use Stairmaster at gym or regular stairs or stadium outside. Wear 15- pound pack. RPE: 5 Strength training.
Saturday: Fun Day: 75-minutes of mountain biking, soccer, road cycling or cardio of your choice. You can change activities during the session. RPE: 5.
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