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Limit Pusher Skills

Always looking for a way to go farther and faster? Get ready with these tips to take your hiking to the next level.
Push your limits to reach the top. (by Erik Unger)

Stay Fueled
Avoid bonking by consuming enough of the right foods on big days.

>> Calculate calories
Multiply your body weight by 21 and 25 (for moderate days), and 25 and 30 (for hard days) to estimate energy needs. For example, a 150-pound hiker will need between 3,750 (150 x 25) and 4,500 (150 x 30) calories on a hard day.
>> Consume strategically
Keep your mood and blood sugar steady by snacking (80 to 120 calories at a time) throughout the day. Munch within your first 90 minutes of hiking, and eat hourly. Store food in easy-access pockets, so you don’t have to stop.
>> Hydrate
Sip every 15 minutes (your body absorbs small amounts of liquid best). Add electrolyte mixes or take salt pills if you’re sweating excessively or develop cramps.

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