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Fitness Special—Hike Forever: The Exercises

Use these proven exercises to get in the best hiking shape of your life.

Turkish Get-Up
A full-body workout unto itself, this balance-boosting move will make your legs like pylons during river crossings.

Begin on your back with your legs shoulder-width apart and left arm at a 45-degree angle to your body. Bend your right knee; place your foot on the ground. Grasp a 15-pound kettlebell (or free weight) with your right hand, and hold it above you (lock your right lat and scapula to avoid shoulder injury). Perform the following as fluidly as possible:
1. Push with your right foot until your hip comes off the floor; shift your weight onto your left forearm.
2. Transfer your body weight onto your left palm, keeping your left leg straight and lifting your trunk.
3. Push your left hip off the floor while bending your right knee. Plant your knee behind you in a lunge position.
4. Lift your left hand, square your hips forward, and stand up, keeping the weight overhead and your right lat and scapula locked in place.
5. Fold back down to your starting position, reversing the motions.

Do it
2-5 reps per side; 1 set. If 2 reps are too difficult, decrease the weight. If you can do more than 5 reps, add some.

Beginner: Start in the standing position with no weight, and slowly fold yourself into the supine position. Progress to 2-5 pounds and do the full range of motion.
Intermediate: Use a 15-pound weight.
Advanced: Use 30-40 pounds and do fewer reps.

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